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Sameer’s Orphans

Finding Inspiration in every thing we do with the intention to give

When you take a closer look, the value we find in life is at its best when we are sharing and giving to others. It is the essence of our life experience and it keeps the world on its axis in its own profoundly unique way. 

Thank you for your patronage
it helps me support Sameer and these precious Orphans


Here are but a few of the orphans Sameer cares for

I found Sameer on Instagram 3 years ago. I was intrigued when I saw this young man working with a multitude of children. I did not follow him at first, Rather,  I watched him for a good few months trying to get a sense of who he is and what he does. He was authentic, a true humanitarian.


Needless to say, I was touched by the work he does and at some point we started talking and I decided this was a cause after my own heart. Here was a 22 your old young man who took the burden of caring for 65 children. he earns a mere 2 Pakistani rupees ever day and with less than nothing he has provided for these children based on love and begging for funds to provide for them for many years now.


When we spoke, He told me he wanted them to have more than he ever had, a better chance in life, an education, a future that offered them more than hunger every day and worse to live like him on R2 (2 rupees per day).


Sameer has touched my life in ways I cannot explain. I have supported him for three years when I can but have decided I need to do more and I want to send him funds monthly because these children are children and children are precious.


I hope you will become a patron of mine so I can send a gift to Sameer every month so he can do more than feed and clothe his children. Lets support him to fulfil his  dreams of sending them to school and educating them, his cause means so much to them and it means so much to me, I hope your hearts will be opened as mine has been. 

Faith requires action
Because, Faith, like Art, starts as a conscious Dream 
& Faith,  like Creating Art is putting an idea into action

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